Will you pay for cover that you rarely use?

Did you know that as many as one third of all motorists are paying too much for their car insurance? All too often, motorists take out insurance by simply picking the same insurance company as their friends or family members, then stay with the same insurance provider year after year, believing that their no-claims discount alone is enough to get them a good deal.

You could save a fortune on your car insurance if you took the time to shop around. Young drivers can benefit the most if they are sensible drivers, because opting for a blackbox policy, one which uses a monitoring system to track driving habits, could significantly lower their premiums.

Using a price comparison website could also help to save you a lot of money on your car insurance. Remember that no claims discounts will follow you when you move from one insurance provider to another, so it is well worth checking the market to see what is available before you renew your policy each year. Don’t forget to take advantage of other offers too – some insurance providers provide more than just car insurance on their policies, so you could save money by getting your travel insurance or home insurance from the same provider.

In some cases, simple changes to the way you look after your car could save you a lot of money. Try to use off-street parking, fit a steering immobilizer, and purchase a good alarm and tracking system. If your car is shared, make sure that only regular drivers are actually named on the policy. Don’t put family members who never drive your car on the policy just for convenience. If someone ends up needing to borrow your car for a few days because theirs is off the road, call up and add them then, and remove them again when they no longer need to drive. It doesn’t make sense to pay for cover that you rarely use.

Don’t forget that the type of car you drive affects the amount you pay for insurance too. Next time you’re shopping for a car take a moment to investigate how much insurance for it will cost (consider checking auto insurance online). You may find that the sporty car you are in love with will cost a fortune to insure and you could save a fortune by opting for a lower powered car or one with a less sporty look.

What happens when you go a day without your bra?

Now, this is a story you should listen to, bra.

For some reason, you decided to go our without a bra today. At the time, you were probably thinking: this is either the best or the worst thing ever. I mean, it’s obvious that you’ll question yourself. And that you’ll question yourself if it is obvious.

However, you soon realize that your personal comfort levels are through the roof. It’s time to be an activist for breast empowerment! On the other hand, the air-conditioner will become your enemy. After all, you need to cross your arms so people won’t notice. Really, it’s all about hiding your nipples, which are standing at attention because it’s so cold.

But that’s where you find out who are your real friends.

Friends won’t ask why you’re bra-less. Because, you know, that will just make more people notice. And you had better keep track of who’s hugging you, who’s a guy, who’s a girl, and who’s playing for the other team.

Permanent sagging will also be an issue. But in the end, it’s all about your comfort, not making other people feel more comfortable about your breasts. So why don’t you try it? Bra-less does not mean you lose dignity – in fact, you gain more in the process.

Your breasts won’t sag neither will they go against the natural laws of gravity. They will still be there, moving more freely than before. Wearing a bra can have its own sets of advantages and drawbacks, and this may also be said about not wearing a bra altogether. It ultimately boils down to individual comfort levels, lifestyle, and habits. Your breasts should take their much-deserved rest from “uplifting” but constricting bras, underwear, and lingerie. Just don’t make sure to hook them again before you set out in the open.

How Does an Iris Scan Work?

If you despise having to carry a pocket full of keys wherever you go, imagine how cool and convenient it would be if you can unlock doors simply by staring at the it for a few seconds. Iris scanning technology may potentially be the newest technology to be included in our daily routine.

Iris scanning technology is being used in high-security places such as military bases and airports. Places that need fast, reliable, and highly secured transactions are now using iris scanning technology as it uses biometrics or identity verification based on distinct sophisticated body measurements. The iris scanning technology is guaranteed to be far better than fingerprint identification system or DNA profiling. In this article, we will take a closer look at this emerging security technology.

Biometrics- Why Use It?

There are billions of people on the planet than ever before, and the number just keeps on growing. Development and progress also means buying things and ownership as well as fast exchange of information on a daily basis. In these day and age, security has become a crucial part of our daily life. Computing has made it very easy to deliver security and extremely difficult for unscrupulous people to obtain sensitive information. In the old times, security means undergoing very complicated steps. For instance, locks are physically created  but can be easily busted open, while virtual or cyber information are most often secured by encryption that is rather hard to access without the right combination of alphanumeric or mathematical keys. These types of security operations have flaws as well; with the right key or password even the most sophisticated security systems can be broken down as well.

Security experts believe that biometrics or body measurements is the answer to security issues. Instead of limiting or restricting access to things and information through the use of arbitrary locks and keys, an individual gains access by positively identifying themselves through unique patterns of the body.

For instance, a standard passport is an excellent example of biometrics. When the immigration officer looks at your face and compare it to the passport photo, what they are essentially doing is comparing two images. This is a great example of simple biometrics. The trouble lies in the fact that our face changes all the time, and a lot of us look similar. Fingerprints on the other hand are known to be a more reliable and consistent form of biometrics, but even these are considered infallible as illnesses and physical injuries as well as the day-to-day wear and tear can change or modify the pattern of ridges on our fingers. This makes iris scanning technology a more reliable and efficient way of identifying people- simply by taking quick snaps of the eyes.

What Makes the Iris Scan Unique?

The iris is the colored ring of muscle that automatically opens and closes the pupil of the eye similar to that of a camera shutter. The colored pattern of the iris is determined by genetics, but is not fully formed until the age of 2. The color of the iris comes from the pigment most commonly known as melanin. By rule, the more melanin, the browner the iris and the less melanin produce blue eyes instead.

What Sets Born Again Christians Apart from Other Religions

Born Again Christians are known to hold firm believe in the literal translation of the Bible. The term “born again” does not exactly refer to physical rebirth, but more of rebirth and reawakening of a follower’s spiritual side.

The values and beliefs of born again Christians are unique when compared alongside those under other religious denominations. One stark difference is their emphasis on the relevance of baptism and the acceptance of the Holy Spirit in order for a follower to attain eternal life in heaven.

In this article, we will enumerate the five foundational beliefs that make born again Christians unique when compared alongside other religious denominations:

  1. The Origin of Born Again

The phrase, “born Again” simply means “born from above:” This term is primarily used to refer to the spiritual awakening and transformation that one experiences upon acceptance of Jesus.

  1. The Holy Trinity

According to born again Christian literature, its followers firmly believe in God divided into three personas- the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. In essence, Jesus himself is considered as God. They also believe that Jesus was born of a virgin mother, died on the cross, and resurrected after three days.

  1. Salvation by Faith

Born again Christians firmly believe that an individual can only attain salvation through faith alone, and not by good works. According to their literature, born again Christians declare the words, “Jesus is Lord,” and this will guarantee them a place in heaven as they will be saved during the Lord’s judgment. Born again Christians believe that salvation can only be possible upon the death and suffering of Jesus as he then became the greatest sacrifice as he never committed any sin.

  1. The Transforming Power of God

Born again Christians also believe in the “resurrection power of God.” The faith of born again Christian primarily rests on their belief on a living God, as Jesus was raised from the death after three days. They say that this is how Christianity differs from other religious denominations, as other religious leaders died and never experience resurrection altogether.

  1. Baptism

The baptism ritual is being used by born again Christian to symbolically identify with being buried with Christ and then being reborn into a transformed existence. After physical baptism, converts should follow a spiritual rebirth and reawakening as well- where an individual is taken out of the devil’s realm and then baptized into Christ and the Holy Spirit himself.